Culture Espresso Serves Up Some Tasty Cold Brew

Culture Espresso Front

Since moving to New York City I have realized how spoiled I was in the PNW! I’m not saying there isn’t good coffee here ‘cause there’s hecka good coffee all over the place it’s just that in most you gotta take your order to go. Real estate is a hot commodity and cafe sizes reflect that truth. Wifi and outlets are super hard to come by too.

Culture Espresso located in the Garment District of NYC and just a stones throw away from Bryant Park & The New York Public Library (the one that was in Ghostbusters) has Wifi (sometimes spotty) and I’ve always been able to find a seat even though there are few to choose from. Make sure that laptop is fully charged because there are no outlets. They serve espresso from a snazzy La Marzocco Strada and also serve house made cold brew, Kyoto style cold drip, and even nitro. All the traditional drink choices are available too.

I’ve been on a cold brew kick lately so when I saw that they made theirs with Heart Coffee Roasters I couldn’t pass. Heart is a roaster of of Portland Oregon and I <3 them. Anyway, to the coffee! The sweet nectar comes straight out of a keg all cold and tasty. My iced coffee was brown sugar sweet up front with no bitterness. On top of all that goodness it was really strong. Iced coffee is disappointing when it tastes like watered down coffee and in my experience that’s what I get served. Plus 100 cool points for filling the cafe with awesome tunes!

Go to Culture Espresso!

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What the heck’s Information Architecture?

My Graduate Student girlfriend is always registering us for events (she’s a data viz junkie). Last time it was TEDx Rainier and now it’s World IA Day Seattle. IA stands for Information Architecture. It was my first time hearing the term too. Wiki provides five definitions for IA, my favorite is #3; “An emerging community of practice focused on bringing principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape”. I’m a year into my role as Social Media & Community Coordinator  at Espresso Parts and if there is one thing I have learned it’s that there are always things to learn! So what I have no idea what IA is! I’m super stoked to learn about it! I’m also super stoked to meet new people and share knowledge. If you’re attending World IA Day in Seattle hit me up with your Twitter handle in the comments field! #WIADsea15




Dark Matter Bleeds Black


Never judge a book by its cover or a coffee by the bag. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about Dark Matter Coffee. I was torn because I thought that with bags so embellished they were trying to make up for what was inside and at the same time really enjoyed the artwork. Well, I can’t tell you how happy I am to report that the coffee quality is equal to the art! I received four bags of coffee from Dark Matter (I get to order the coffee at EP) but have only tried two. I’m actually writing this today because the second coffee I had was so good that I couldn’t help but post about it. It’s the Black Blood blend which has since sold out… It’s a collaboration between the band Mastodon and Dark Matter. The beans were aged in Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Whiskey barrels which contributed an amazing boozy flavor to this coffee. The whiskey def came out in the cup but it wasn’t overwhelming it actually had some nice peanut butter cup to it. As it cooled the whiskey flavor really shined! I’m thinking this would make a great iced coffee too. Black Blood is the second coffee that I’ve tried that was aged in whiskey barrels and I have to say that it was my favorite. Go order some Dark Matter now!!!