Knots in stomach not fun.

I applied to become a dispatcher for 911 a year ago. I was subjected to all the tests and interviews and ended up being approved for hire. Unfortunately I didn’t get the 90% that was needed to be hired the first round. So I was put into a pool of people to be hired, and since August of last year I have been told to call every month to see if or when I was up for hire. Twelve months of calling in and being told to call next month. Due to the “economic situation” it has taken this long, but I believe it has come to an end. A few weeks ago I was told they will be hiring sometime in October and that I am first on the list!

I have had this never ending knot in my stomach. It’s been so tough because where i am at right now financially is the ghetto and this job would be an upgrade to a gated community. Three time more than what I am making now I would make there. I need that. I feel like I work so hard for so little and I need out! I feel like I want to do something more important than serve coffee. I want to help people in need. I have been doing the coffee thing for four years now and I feel I have hit the plateau. I don’t want to make money for someone else anymore. I want to make money for me. I want real responsibility.


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