Would you like that for here or to go?

    I have finally made my exit from the retail world.  Honestly I couldn’t feel any better.  I no longer have to spend my days making money for someone else!  Making money for other people is no longer in my job description.  Saving lives and helping to keep the county running smoothly is my new task.

    Since my last post the job as a dispatcher for 911 has been offered to me….full time even.  Serving coffee will be something missed dearly.  It has been part of my life for the past four years.  Interacting with the public will be what I miss the most.  If I had the opportunity to move up where I was things would be different but they were becoming stagnant.  Being under appreciated and having to deal with double standards in something as trivial as tamping too hard got me down.  Worrying about coffee is something I didn’t want to deal with anymore.  I needed something more.

    The best part is that the coffee world is still accessible almost at a new level.  Instead of a job it is now a hobby which is totally fine with me.  I still have a passion for coffee, something that no one can take from me.  Through all of my time on the other side of the counter I have realized how much I needed out.  I definitely will miss my co-workers very much and the relationships I built behind the counter.


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