Day trip to Portland

    Yesterday my fiance and I decided to go to Portland.  We started the day off with a cupping at Olympia Coffee Roasting Company.  Brazil Serra Do Bone was on the table for us to try.  We used a Hario brew the coffee and it was great.  I really got a nice lime acidity right off the bat, the finish rich chocolate and slight floral flavor.  We pulled it as an espresso and it was completely different.  The mouth feel was light and the lime acidity really came through.  I normally don’t like my ‘spro too bright but this was nice. 

    Our first destination in Portland was Fabric World.  We looked it up on google maps on our way and decided to check it out.  The store had a limited selection and we didn’t find anything we wanted.  When we left the parking lot I noticed The Little Red Bicycle Cafe having read about it in a grass routes travel book we stopped for lunch.  The cafe was real;ly nice it is just the right size.  I really enjoyed the lighting they had.  Huevos Rancheros was the special of the day, we ordered it with their house made chorizo.  This was one of the best things I have eaten…ever.  The entire dish was soo fresh there was the right amount of cilantro and the little bits of pineapple were perfect.   I mentioned where I worked and had a nice conversation with the Barista Evan.  He told me all about the coffee they serve Courier Coffee Roasting Company.  I bought the Costa Rica Los Santos, Tarrazu.  It was really nice.  I got a lot of hazelnut from it and a nice light milk chocolate flavor.  I LOVE IT!  One of my new faves for sure.

  With our stomachs full we decided to head to Fabric Depot.  While we were eating at the L.R.B.C. a customer suggested we go there for cool printed fabric.  When we arrived at the store we thought it was big, then we went inside…….it’s the biggest fabric store I have ever been to.  We spent about an hour there and Angela found some really nice fabrics to use as table runners for the wedding.  After an hour od shopping for fabric I needed some espresso.  I really wanted to try Heart based on Jared’s recommendation.  The spot is really clean and minimal.  The Baristas play vinyl records on the stereo system and the roaster is in the lobby area.  I tried their Kenya as an espresso and was blown away.  It had a really great syrupy mouth feel and a nice lime acidity, it finished off with a tanginess that I compare to cream cheese.  They use a La Marzocco Mistral if you haven’t seen one of these before…..they are sexy.  On to the next one.

  A trip to Portland isn’t complete without a trip to Powell’s Books.  My favorite section is japanese culture and history.  They have a great variety of books on the Japanese society that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.  I picked up a book about an American Mafias boss that moved to Japan and tried his hand at organised crime.  After an hour or so it was time to head home.  I went to Portland for the first time a couple of years ago for my birthday and it has become one of my favorite cities.  This was one of my favorite visits.  My fiance and I enjoyed every part of our day.  Thanks Portland!


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