Life is good.

I am thoroughly enjoying my coffee life.  I started working in the coffee business only 5 years ago and have come a long way.  I started at Starbucks and learned a lot about coffee and customer service.  I never go there anymore but I can’t deny that without Starbucks I may have never entered this industry.

After two and a half years of  the same shit different day it became evident change was required.  My wife (fiancé at the time) suggested I apply at a local Olympia roaster Batdorf & Bronson, so I did.  My interview went very well, I consider myself a good interviewee and a few days later I got the job.  Thus started my two year relationship with B&B.

Working at B&B was refreshing.  Becoming the best Barista I could became my focus.  While there I learned to pull great shots of espresso, pour rad latte art, and delved deeper into the coffee world.  After almost two and a hlaf years I decided to try something new.  I became a dispatcher for 911, I quickly learned this was not the job for me.  I also learned that coffee has become the thing I am best at.

After resigning from my dispatcher job I applied at Olympia Coffee Roasting Company and a couple of weeks later started working there.  My coffee life has never been better.  I have learned sooooo much from working here in such a short time.  We have such great mentors here: Michael Elvin, Robbie Britt and of course Mrs.Sarah Dooley.  I have also learned a lot about roasting and production work, things I would have never learned at my former jobs.




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