Bunn visits EP, magic.

Thursday Rusty from Bunn visited the Espresso Parts lab to demo the Trifecta.  We had coffee from Dillanos as well as Batdorf & Bronson to play with.  To show us the inner workings Rusty removed the cover and back splash panel which was very easy to do.  There is a 20 oz boiler on the bottom right side of the machine as well as pumps for the turbulence/press out air.  The drain is in the cup support, you must make sure to keep the drain tube clear of grounds.  We had a bit of a build-up and had to hit it with some Puro Caff to clear the line.

We adressed my issue about the screen not coming out, the trick is to push a lot harder than you think you should.  Unfortunately the Trifecta does not have the ability to have a hot water rinse, there are ways around this.  What you can do to get a hot rinse is to set your brewing parameters to just fill and press out.  We learned Pre-wet is cold water although the manual says to use it for coffee, it is only for tea preparation. I was really happy with the turnout and I feel like Rusty did a great job showing us the ins and outs of the Trifecta.  After all the technical stuff we started to brew.  I’ve attatched our initial notes from dialing in the Nicaragua Finca Los Milagros.  We brewed around three pounds total, cleaning the machine was a breeze and we were able to brew a lot very fast.  FYI a Coava Disk fits in the Trifecta handle…just sayin’.  The EP lab was full, the coffee was tasty and fun was had.


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