USBC finals

The USBC started yesterday.  Today the semifinals were held and two of my co-workers participated.  Sarah Dooley and Robbie Britt represented Espresso Parts in the Fullest.  It makes me proud to have that kind of talent in our company.  It was so great to watch competitors from Sam Purvis to Scott Lucey be amazing representatives for our industry.  Every year the competitors get even better and make the rest of us practice even harder to be great.  Here are the finalists:

1. Kevin Bohlin (Ritual)

2. Pete Licata (Honolulu Coffee Company)

3. Trevor Corlett (Macap)

4. Lorenzo Perkins (Cafe Medici)

5. Ryan Knapp (Macap)

6. Nik Krankl (Gelato Bar & Espresso Cafe)

The first brewers cup was held this weekend and two of my good friends competed.  Jared Gum and Mike Cannon repped well for the PNW and have made it to the Finals!  I am so glad these two made it, they have worked their asses off since NW regionals and deserve to win it.  Good luck guys!

Espresso Parts is hosting a USBC finals viewing party tomorrow starting at 10am and going until the winners are announced.  So come to the Olympia lab and make coffee with us while we watch the finals!



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