Kalita Wave

I decided to spend some time with the Kalita Wave this afternoon.  First off I love the how the wave looks, its shiny stainless steel with ridges hence the wave I presume.  It has a brown plastic handle with little brass embellishments.  I’ve mainly done pour-overs with the Hario V-60 so this shiny device is a nice alternative.  It has three ridges on the bottom of the inside to keep the filter from stopping the water flow.  The water flow is slower than with a V-60 so I went two steps coarser on my grind.  After side by side tasting the natural brown filter MUST be pre-washed.

What you need: Kalita Wave, coffee and a kettle.

For my pour I did a 70g bloom for 30 seconds


then I added half the brew water let it sit for ten seconds

first fill

and added the remaining water in a circular motion.  What ended up in the cup was caramel and walnut up front with a light floral mid and a sweet creamy finish.

Bolivia Cafe Golondrina 

Extraction Yield 20.32 %
TDS 1.26 %
Dose Weight 26.0 g
Brew Water Weight 466 g

Coffee Details

Brew Water Start Temp 93°C/200°F
Brew Time 2 mins 39 secs
Method Pour Over
Roaster Name Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.
Roast Style Medium
Farm/Farmer Celso David Mayata Quispe
Grinder Mahlkoenig Guatemala
Grind Setting 8

Kalita wave


3 thoughts on “Kalita Wave

  1. Will says:

    Nice, I’ve been testing the Wave myself (glass version + same kettle). Wish I could do the refract. thing but just relying on taste, I’m not sure how to compare this with other drippers yet.

    • thoughtsofclouds says:

      The refract is pretty amazing. At first I was wary of the refractometer but after locking myself in the lab with it for 6 hours I figured it out. My game has been stepped up to the nth degree, it is such a useful tool. To be honest the V-60 and Wave produce similar cups, I feel like the Wave has a little more body to it. The wave is just so sexxy and I’m tired of Hario.

      • Will says:

        Yeah, the good cups are pretty similar. The Kalita’s easier to work with though–many pathways to tasty and they’re easy to travel. With the Hario, I’ve got a couple of recipes that always serve me well but if I deviate from them, the final cup has bad elements to it. And I think the Hario’s sexier–the Kalita is more girl next door (it takes *cupcake* filters after all!)

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