Metronome made my heart beat.

It took me too long to get to Metronome Coffee.  I first heard of Metronome when competing at regionals in Tacoma.  For some reason I never made it to the cafe.  Seven months later on a sleepy Sunday I decided it was time.  My friend Chad came along for the ride.  He had tweeted earlier in the morning that he wanted some coffee so I invited him to join me.  It’s a 40 minute drive from Oly to Tacoma, not bad.

There is no lack of natural lighting at Metronome.  Windows line the street and make the cafe feel more open.  Two large mainly glass garage doors face S. Union Ave. further opening up the space.  I love the layout of this cafe.  There is a variety of seating options, you could pull up to the bar and order a coffee or beer, sit outside, chill next to the fire or study on the stage.  Metronome is also set up to be a quality venue for musicians.  Something to mention is the series of blown up Polaroid pictures that spell out Tacoma.  Another nice touch is access to the iTunes library that’s hooked up to WiFi, download the Remote app from iTunes and you can request a song to play on the system.  It’s like a digital jukebox. OK let’s talk coffee.

First I ordered a macchiato that was made on a beautiful Victoria Arduino Adonis.  Seriously hot machine.  Seriously awesome macchiato.  Josh showed up and invited us up to the bar.  He made two siphons of some really tasty Peruvian coffee, one with a metal filter and the other with glass.  Josh has come up with some non coffee drinks too.  A splash in the pond was next, its double strength early grey tea poured over ice and charged with CO2 add that to a cup with ice top with half & half  and a little vanilla bean simple syrup.  This was one of the best drinks I’ve ever had…ever.  Next the elderflower lemonade, refreshing.  The sake it to me: a frosted mint iced mocha with 4oz fortified double barrel sake blew my mind it was so tasty.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Metronome.  The service was great, the coffee was delicious and it feels like home.  I recommend to anyone in the area that hasn’t been to Metronome MAKE IT HAPPEN!  You will not be disappointed!

P.S. Metronome will be hosting a TNT August 25th…so there’s a good reason!


Here is a link to my Metronome Flickr set:

Official TNT NW Blog:


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