NWRBC day 1

Day one of the North West Regional Barista Competition is over.  My wife and I arrived at the Tacoma Convention Center bright and early so I could attend the mandatory competitor meeting.  This is my second year competing and I’m pretty stoked.  My practice time was at 8 Friday morning and it went really well.  My biggest fear when competing is that for some ungodly reason the grind is way off.  I have nightmares of this happening.  So when I pulled that first practice shot and it tasted like rainbows and happy thoughts I was relieved!

With only six Baristas scheduled to perform the competitors room was pretty quiet.  There were the usual suspects Dooley, Ghambari, and regional champ Purvis shining glasses and building carts.  I got my cart together, shined my glasses, and mingled with the competitors.

I competed at 12:53.  It went really well, I remembered everything I wanted to say and my spro looked awesome (except for my first round of capps).  It was nice to see all of my co-workers in the crowd!  I work with the best people.  I feel spoiled having such a great support team from Espresso Parts and my coffee sponsor Bluebeard Coffee.  I love this industry so much!

Now I gotta go get ready for todays festivities!!!

Blue Beard Coffee Pandamonium Blend:

El Salvador


Mazzer Robur Comp grinder 


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