Day two of competition was awesome!  I was able to take a lot of pictures and watch some of the best Baristas in the PNW do what they do best.  I think I was most excited to see Alex Negranza, Sarah Dooley, and Laila Ghambari compete.  Alex made me the best cocktail I ever had in my life and he pulls some mighty good espresso, so I was looking forward to see what he would do.  Sarah is a great competitor, very creative and always does  an amazing job.  Laila’s fruity water tower had me intrigued too.

Everyone did an amazing job and showed so much passion and professionalism.  The competitor that stood out the most to me was Timothy Graham from Victrola.  He was sooooo good!  You wouldn’t know it was his first time competing from watching his routine.  He was concise, articulate, and confident!  I had his espresso on the fourth bar and it made me pass out it was so good.

The Brewers Cup was also going on Saturday.  Lots of great coffee being brewed by some very talented people.  Olympia Coffee Roasting Company was definitely represented well by six Baristas!  Everyone had to brew the same coffee with their choice of brewing device.  I used the Bonmac ceramic dripper with kenaf filters.  25 grams of coffee/425 grams water, 150 gram bloom for 30 seconds 200 more 1 minute into the brew and the rest after 2

minutes with a 3:45 brewing time.  The coffee was sweet and I got a lot of molasses from it.

After a full day of competitors we had our top 6 finalists!

1: Tyler Stevens (Barista)
2: Collin Schneider (Sterling Coffee Roasters)
3: Sam Purvis (Coava Coffee)
4: Laila Ghambari (Stumptown Coffee Roasters)
5: Marty Lopes (Barista)
6:  Devin Chapman (Coava Coffee)

Note that all finalist are from Portland.


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