Fun bike ride

I decided to take a bike ride today, the longest bike ride ever. It was really only 17 miles. I’ve gone that far before but cumulative not all at once. Southbound on Rich road is kinda like a portal to the country. I’ve spent a lot of time in the country…like ten years growing up in Clarksville, TN. Every once in a while I like to go back there and rural Olympia is just the ticket. There are lots of barns and fields along Rich road as well as small “grocery” stores. There’s even a post office. Johnson’s Smoke House is on my route so I stopped by and got some  Landjaeger.I stopped into Lattin’s but it’s closed on Sundays so I couldn’t get a fresh apple fritter! I was originally going to bike to Millersylvania park but I missed my turn at McCorkle road so I stopped at the gas station next to The Powder Keg and refueled on Red Bull. One really cool thing that stood out was the amount of trains I heard! I don’t know it it was just one train snaking it’s way through or if there were multiple trains but i felt like it was following me. I’ve been followed by trains before and it’s scary. Anyway I’m drinking beer now to negate all the calories I burned.


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