Video game marker.

My wife and I have started to fully organize our house. It’s been three years since we bought it and we are now just getting the furniture and other accessories that we have had to save up for. The last two weeks we dropped a couple bucks at Ikea to help facilitate. For some odd reason Angela loves to put Ikea furniture together which works out for me because I hate it. Today while she was building a book-case I had the idea to organize our Gameboy games. I kind of impressed myself.

The idea for the marker came from pulling out my Mario game only to find that the game was not in the case.  The games come in little boxes that have a plastic sleeve on the outside that holds the cover. What I decided to do is cut a strip of paper and place that in the sleeve on the spine. We do a lot of paper crafts so we have a pretty large box of remnants that we keep. I went through the box to see if there was any cool paper that would do the job. I found a super awesome paper with owls and fun designs on it.

I cut the paper to be 3″ x 4.5″. My slip ended up being three inches wide because it worked with the patter best. You could make yours longer if you’d like but it does have to be 4.5″ tall to cover the spine. So now that you have your paper ready, open up the case all the way so there is enough room for you to insert your slip. Close the case and it’s done. Now when you cruise your games you’ll know which ones actually have the game in it.

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