National Coffee Day Round 2

Round two! Stop #3 Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. where I enjoyed a single origin espresso. The Costa Rica Llano Bonito Natural espresso tasted like Sugar Smacks. It was well balanced, sweet, and had a caramel/molasses finish. I really like the ambiance of this shop. The music was pretty dope too. I know it’s super hipster but Bon Iver’s Woods was playing and it’s kinda perfect for a grey rainy day.
The final shop for today was Sizizis. Usually I don’t say anything if my coffee experience was bad…not today. I ordered a macchiato and was served a bad cappuccino. This was not by accident because the barista called out macchiato. The drink was not good. I’m sure it not always this bad. I’m simply reviewing my one experience on this day.
So that’s it!! I hope you have a wonderfully caffeinated National Coffee Day.




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