Fresh Off The Boat

Eddie Huang is my new favorite food show host. His show is Fresh Off the Boat which is also the name of his bestselling memoir. He’s the perfect mix of young foul mouthed foodie and serious culinarian. Essentially he’s Anthony Bourdain for twenty somethings (but funnier and edgier). It’s not just food though, Eddie touches on subjects like race, cultural assimilation, and drugs. It doesn’t hurt that his show is for Vice…one of my favorite sources for everything. The show hardly seems produced. You  get the feeling that each episode is truly what it’s like to hang out with Eddie and eat all the food. Besides all of that he refers to himself as the human panda which means we are soul mates. I’ve shared the Chengdu episodes below because they’re my favorite and pandas.


Part 1:  Part 2:  Part 3: 


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