Hey I’m Panda and coffee is and has been my life for the last seven years. I am the Social Media & Community Coordinator for Espresso Parts in Olympia WA. Having spent my adult life in cafes made me realize I am a coffee person through and through and I’m using this blog to share my adventures in this industry. You will see reviews of new machines, brewing methods and many other coffee related products. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!




3 thoughts on “Panda

  1. María Esther Lòpez says:

    My big dream is to become a barista, but more than that is to have the opportunity to teach consumers how to drink a good coffee…It could be really great to have the chance to be working and still learning more everyday!!! I will spend all my vacation for free if I could have the chance, jejejjejejje, just to have the opprtunity to meet people like you and your others company friends that like to share and teach to other people, instead…I will keep reading your blog and continue learning, thank you very much from Venezuela… =D

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