Culture Espresso Serves Up Some Tasty Cold Brew

Culture Espresso Front

Since moving to New York City I have realized how spoiled I was in the PNW! I’m not saying there isn’t good coffee here ‘cause there’s hecka good coffee all over the place it’s just that in most you gotta take your order to go. Real estate is a hot commodity and cafe sizes reflect that truth. Wifi and outlets are super hard to come by too.

Culture Espresso located in the Garment District of NYC and just a stones throw away from Bryant Park & The New York Public Library (the one that was in Ghostbusters) has Wifi (sometimes spotty) and I’ve always been able to find a seat even though there are few to choose from. Make sure that laptop is fully charged because there are no outlets. They serve espresso from a snazzy La Marzocco Strada and also serve house made cold brew, Kyoto style cold drip, and even nitro. All the traditional drink choices are available too.

I’ve been on a cold brew kick lately so when I saw that they made theirs with Heart Coffee Roasters I couldn’t pass. Heart is a roaster of of Portland Oregon and I ❤ them. Anyway, to the coffee! The sweet nectar comes straight out of a keg all cold and tasty. My iced coffee was brown sugar sweet up front with no bitterness. On top of all that goodness it was really strong. Iced coffee is disappointing when it tastes like watered down coffee and in my experience that’s what I get served. Plus 100 cool points for filling the cafe with awesome tunes!

Go to Culture Espresso!

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2014 do we continue…yes

I’ve been running this blog for a few years now and a lot has changed. I got married, bought a home, got a dog, divorced, moved, and started a new career. It’s kind of weird writing a blog because you have to assume other people are reading your posts otherwise your really just talking or “writing” to yourself. Either way it’s therapeutic and I enjoy it. I’ve been toying around with the idea of ending the blog but I’m not completely convinced yet.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you are one of the people that don’t exist in my head sorry not sorry for the sporadic posts. I keep telling myself that I’ll post more or rework the flow of the blog but I think it’s kind of perfect the way it is. Thanks for reading this.

Some of my favorite things right now:

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas.
Magisto App
Bar Francis
Virgin America
Bay Area Coffee Community


The Northwest Coffee Festival 2012.

I’m so very excited to be heading to The Northwest Coffee Festival today. This has become one of my favorite events to work. The festival is a consumer based coffee and food event. A ton of great roasteries and cafes from the area get together for two days to hold talks on the current state of the industry to customer service and serve awesome coffee.


Brewing at Buckhead

Today is the day we get to make coffee for the TEDx Peachtree masses. We’ve been brewing our butts off since eight this morning! It’s been so much fun working with people from Oklahoma, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri and Washington. I’ve had the pleasure of brewing Batdorf  &  Bronson’s Nicaragua Finca San Jose JavaNica with a siphon. Super chocolaty and lots of caramel. The attendees have been loving the coffee and they are asking a lot of great questions. Well I need to get back and prep for the next wave.


The Dirty South

I’m so stoked to be back in the South after many years! When i was a child I spent ten years in Tennessee and I was actually born in Georgia. My good friend Jason Dominy invited me to be a part of a TEDx event so I accepted ..DUH! I’ll fill you in with all the details later. Now I must sleep. iloveyou




Don’t let bad beans go to waste! ***UPDATE***

The good ol’ mason jar has been working perfectly for storing old beans. The one thing I somehow managed to overlook is the lid to the mason jar. I was so stoked about the paint job and forgot about the gas the beans give off. The other day I went to unscrew the lid and it popped off and made a loud noise. DUH!!!  There was a bunch of gas built up behind the lid because it had no where else to go. My friend Marcus Young recommended cutting out the one way valve from a bag of coffee!!!!! IT WORKED! Have fun!