Central Park Flower

Thousands of people have lost their lives due to senseless violence carried out in the name of God or nation. It could be the advent of social media or the 24 hour news cycle that make it feel like something bad is always happening or maybe violence in general is on the rise. It has become commonplace to see grizzly scenes of violence and mayhem and it hurts my heart. Paris, Beirut, Mumbai, Baghdad, Afghanistan are just a few that come to mind. Our government and many others around the world do atrocious things. We pay for these acts with our tax money. We have to, it’s the law. Does this make us complicit? Do we have blood on our hands?

All of this shit is making me feel so sad and helpless.


Don’t let bad beans go to waste! ***UPDATE***

The good ol’ mason jar has been working perfectly for storing old beans. The one thing I somehow managed to overlook is the lid to the mason jar. I was so stoked about the paint job and forgot about the gas the beans give off. The other day I went to unscrew the lid and it popped off and made a loud noise. DUH!!!  There was a bunch of gas built up behind the lid because it had no where else to go. My friend Marcus Young recommended cutting out the one way valve from a bag of coffee!!!!! IT WORKED! Have fun!

Don’t let bad beans go to waste!

I currently live in Olympia, WA and I’m originally from the south which means I’m inclined to re-purposing mason jars. I have a Baratza Maestro plus at home and when I need to dial in the grind for a certain brewing device I don’t waste new coffee I use old coffee. To keep the beans from getting too gross I keep them in an opaque jar covered in ColorTex by Design Master. It’s a spray adhesive that has bits of multi colored plastic in it. After I’ve covered the jar with the ColorTex I let it dry overnight. I noticed that the jar smelled of spray paint afterward so I covered it in two coats of Mod Podge. This helped cover the smell and give the jar a more glossy look. I really love how the jar looks!

tehCoffee review

I’ve  been struggling with updating this blog more often. In an attempt to help with that I’ll also cross-post some things I feel like you guys might want to see. I just posted a review on a really great new site tehcoffee.com Dan Baumfeld dreamed this baby up and it’s been picking up speed. These reviews are done by industry professionals. People that actually work as judges for the SCAA & BGA, cafe owners, baristas and other active members in the Barista community. You can trust that these reviews and the places that are reviewed are quality. The next time you go out for coffee check tehCoffee!

Direct link to the review——-> http://tehcoffee.com/reviews/86




Sorry…I kinda forgot I had a blog

We are a little over two weeks into the year and I haven’t posted anything.  My bad.  I will post more often…starting now.

I’ve been getting ready for NWRBC coming up next Friday in Tacoma.  This will be my second time competing and I’m pretty stoked about it.  I think Baristas should try it at least once.  Regionals are a great opportunity to be in front of your peers, share awesome coffee and create an amazing experience for the judges.

I chose to use Bluebeard Coffee out of Tacoma this year.  Kevin Roaster/Owner from Bluebeard visited EP in August and dropped off some of his espresso The Narrows blend.  I threw it in the hopper and magic came out.  The shot tasted like marzipan and sunshine.  From tasting that shot I knew I wanted to use his coffee for competition.  I’m so lucky to have them as a coffee sponsor and be able to rep a Tacoma roaster.

Espresso Parts is once again supporting me by covering my entry fees and helping with small-wares costs.  I’m fortunate to work for a company that is completely committed to the Barista community and coffee industry.

I know that competing is spendy but there are a few things you can do to cut down on costs.  Ask the roaster if they will sponsor you, this can be by selling the coffee to you at a discount or even covering the cost completely.  See if your employer will cover any costs you might have be that entry fees or small-wares.  Don’t forget BGA members are a great source of knowledge when it comes to competing and anything coffee.  There are a lot of people that want to help all you have to do is ask.

Alright, I gotta go play in the snow with my doggy.